Monday, February 15, 2010

Adventures in Maine Dog Sledding: Breaking in the New Dog Sled

Looking across and down the power line trail

One of the goals of our recent dog sledding adventure up at the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures cabin in Maine was to break in our new Outlaw dog sled and "put it through its paces." This sled was purchased specifically for its exceptional steering abilities and, hopefully, its ability to survive the trails surrounding our Maine camp.

Pulling hard down the trail: (l-r) Acadia and Zoe in lead with Okemo and Sobo in wheel

While gorgeous, these trails are not for the faint of heart, require an adventurous spirit, and are twisty, turny, and sometimes narrow. But they are oh so worth it once you've mushed along them under crystal clear blue skies and taken in the panoramic views.

Curvy trails ahead

Getting ready to head down the power line trail

We are happy to report that despite somewhat less than optimal trail conditions (icy with light snow cover), the Outlaw dog sled survived (as did the mushers) and in some instances even thrived.

Stopped along the trail: Zoe and Acadia in lead with Sobo and Okemo in wheel

Starting down the tie trail from camp

A little further down the tie trail

Killer turn: This is where the exceptional steering comes in handy

Whew, we made it around that tree and through the "killer turn"

Big wheel dogs Okemo (left) and Sobo (right).

After a killer "gee" turn, up the power line trail we go!

Another gorgeous day on the trail. What could be better?