Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Crazy Busy: Finally Some Photos from Thanksgiving

Snow nose Sammamish.

Eric and I and the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures sled dogs have been crazy busy running dog sledding and dryland dog sledding programs this holiday season. As a result, we've not had as much time to update this blog as we would like and that includes posting photos from our last trip with the sled dogs to Maine. Going in six different directions for 15-20 hours per day is never fun and Eric and I are both looking forward to some time off. Tomorrow marks the last dog sledding program of 2010 and then its off to Maine and the cabin for some well earned R&R. Of course the dogs don't really know the meaning of rest and relaxation so there will be plenty of dog sledding up north while we're in Maine. So without further ado, here are some of the photos Eric and I took while up at the cabin for Thanksgiving.

Gypsy and Luke out for a walk on Thanksgiving

T-Bone naps on the couch.

Sammi and Luke play.

Gypsy and Luke line up for breakfast in the kitchen.
Did we finally tire the little guy out?

As you can see, there was lots of napping. Okemo napping near the kitchen.

Zoe's favorite spot is in front of the wood stove.

Despite chilly temperatures, the cabin as nice and toasty warm thanks to the wood stove.
There is nothing more peaceful than a snowy day in Maine

Zoe enjoys a snowy walk on "Black" Friday

Thanksgiving in Maine means lots of blaze orange as it typically coincides with the last weekend of deer hunting.

Even the dogs wear blaze orange vests

Sammamish finds his snow legs.

Sobo doing what Sobo does best: napping.

Eric and Sammi have a nice cuddle on the couch.

Of course since it was Thanksgiving, we had good food. Citrus glazed turkey.
Good drink!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tow Hill Training Session

This sign speaks for itself: Lots and lots of sled dogs this past weekend

Eric and I along with the whole Maryland Sled Dog Adventures gang are back from a wonderful three days of training the sled dogs in State College, Pennsylvania. The annual Tow Hill Training Session is one of our favorite events of the season. In addition to great training, there is great food (these guys know the true meaning of a pot luck supper), lots of musher socialization, and plenty of time spent hanging out with the sled dogs.

Future lead dog: Kiana's Sammamish with retired lead dog, Zoe, in the background

Big White Dog, Okemo.

Sobo can both lead and follow. This weekend he ran wheel next to Luke

Kiana's Acadia (lead dog) resting on the line

Luke resting on the picket line after the run. Luke runs in both team and wheel.

Gypsy Queen (aka GQ) catches a nap on the picket line. Gypsy ran lead this weekend.

Wheel dog, Okemo, hangs out post run

While at Tow Hill, the team practiced lots of head on passing and lots of over taking passing. There were also ample opportunities for gee/haw and hill training. Tow Hill is also a great opportunity to run with all types of teams ranging from recreational teams to the Alaska circuit's pro caliber teams. This year there were even two awesome brand new trails that really inspired the dogs to run hard.

Two of Rob Downey's dogs being hooked up

Six dog sprint team coming through the chute and heading out on the trails

Eight dog Siberian team from Xtreme Weather Kennels

One dog team on an Outlaw rig

Tons of opportunities for gee/haw training

The trails at Tow Hill are simply awesome!

A team of Alaskans (hounds) from New York

There were trucks (and teams) of all sizes (Rob Downey's truck)

These guys were moving so fast they were just a blur

Dogs of all types attended

From the Powers Pack: Kodiak

Saturday I ran the team approximately five miles and on Sunday Eric ran the team approximately six miles. Afternoons were spent socializing and hanging out. All of the dogs slept on the truck which was good practice for little puppy monster Sammamish.

Sammi practiced spending time on the picket line

Acadia harnessed and ready to run just as the sun is starting to come up

Eric coming back with our five dog team: Gypsy and Acadia in lead; Okemo in team; Luke and Sobo in wheel

Linda with the four dog Powers Pack team coming back from Sunday's run

Headlamps are great except when you are trying to take a photo. Eric driving our five dog team.

Musher socialization with the Powers Pack.

Dog trucks through the trees

Some folks camped out. Others slept in the lodge or bunkhouse

Wagon full of pumpkins (and no this was not part of the pot luck supper. I was far too busy stuffing my face at dinner to take any photos!)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Weekend's Dog Sledding Adventures

Hallloooo in there. Anyone home?

Sammamish is now 9 weeks old. He survived two Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC Girl Scout dog sledding programs this past weekend and received tons of attention. While out on the trail, Sammi also met horses, bicyclists, leashed dogs, tons of new people, and took his first ride in his dog box on the truck. He also screamed like crazy when the big sled dogs got to run and he had to stay behind. Here are a few photos we took this past weekend.

These girl scouts are "lead dogs" and are demonstrating "line out."

Girl Scouts meeting visiting sled dogs, Gypsy and Luke

Wheel dog, Okemo, meets two new Girl Scouts

Of course, Sammamish was a big hit with the Girl Scouts

Sammamish exploring the back yard and the (depleted) wood pile