Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Maryland Dog Sledding: Girl Scouts Go Dog Sledding

Group Photo: It's been a wonderful day of dog sledding

Here at Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC, our motto is "no snow, we can still go!" No snow hasn't been much of a problem given the 50 plus inches of snow that we received out of last week's storms here in Maryland.

Hanging out on the picket line

As a result, several lucky Girl Scout troops have been out to participate in our Girl Scout Patch Program in dog sledding, visit us and the sled dogs, learn all about dogsledding, and go dogsledding on snow.

Meeting Acadia

During our scout program, we teach the girls how to harness the dogs, all about the various parts of the dog sled, how to put booties on the dogs, and, in some instances, how to drive a small 1-2 dog team of sled dogs. At the end of the program, the girl scouts take a pop dog sledding "quiz" and earn their dog sledding patch.

Meeting Sobo

Dog Sledding is so much fun!

Learning all about the dog sled

Driving a 2 dog team (left to right Acadia and Sobo in lead)

The scouts' fearless leader, Carol, driving a three dog team (Acadia and Zoe in lead and Sobo in wheel)

Learning what the sled dogs eat and feeding them