Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Dog Sled

Our new Outlaw mid distance dog sled

Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC's new Outlaw mid distance dog sled arrived just in time for our next trip to our cabin in Maine. The Outlaw is a lightweight, high tech sled featuring great steering. In other words, perfect for those twisty trails surrounding our cabin.

Curvy trails ahead

We're looking forward to giving this sled a work out on the trail this coming weekend for the Katahdin Iron Works (KIW) 30 dog sled race in Brownville, Maine and on the trails surrounding the cabin.

Drag mat, bar brake, Critterwoods snow hook

Okemo and Acadia had to be crated to contain their delight at a new dog sled

Studs on the drag mat (and laundry in the back ground)

The sled comes with a special sled bag that snaps on