Friday, November 4, 2011

Snow in October!

Snow on the trail on October 30, 2011!

The whole Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC gang was surprised to see snow at our (dryland) dog sledding program this past weekend.  Mother Nature gave us a surprise (very surprised) delivery of snow on Saturday, October 29, 2011.  When we arrived at the trail head for Sunday's Girl Scout dog sledding program, approximately two inches of heavy, wet snow greeted us.  This is the earliest snow fall we can recall here at Maryland Sled Dog Adventures.

The snow made everything sparkle and made for a beautiful one mile hike up the trail to place signs for our re-enactment of the Great Alaskan Serum Run
Some of the scenery along the trail.  The sled dogs have gotten quite good at going "on by" this horse farm that is directly on the trail
Looking South down the NCR trail
The view from the trail
It's extremely rare for Maryland to get snow in November, let alone October. 

The trees were positively glistening with the all day snow fall from the day and night before
Eric and the mini musher hang out after our Girl Scout dog sledding program enjoying Ethan's first snow
Arriving at the trail head for our Girl Scout dog sledding program we were greeted with about two inches of snow
Snow in Maryland at the Freeland trail head on October 30, 2011
Six dog team giving rides during our Girl Scout dog sledding program.  Today's photo is brought to you by epic failure in gee over training