Monday, June 8, 2009

What do sled dogs do during the Summer?

Dogs that swim are dogs that shake!

If you happen to be one of the lucky sled dogs at Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC, you go swimming during the summer. Swimming is a great way to keep your dog in shape during the warm summer months with far less risk of over heating.

So while the sled dogs at Maryland Sled Dog Adventures spend their winters dog sledding, they spend their summers swimming and relaxing at the beach since in Maryland it is simply too warm to safely run the dogs in harness in the late spring, summer and early fall.

In general, mushers use what is called the Rule of 100 to determine whether it is too warm on any given day to run their dogs: add the temperature and the humidity together and if the sum is 100-120 or more it is probably too warm to safely run your dog in harness. Thus, with the advent of warm weather, mushers are always looking for creative ways to exercise their ever energetic sled dogs. Sled pet, Acadia's new favorite way to blow off steam and cool down a bit is swimming.

Trying to hitch a ride

"I'm not so sure about this swimming business," thinks this pup.

Swimming Siberian Husky, Acadia

Where's my boogie board?

Acadia showing her focus

A couple of weeks ago, Eric and I learned that Siberian Husky sled dog, Acadia, our lead dog in training, LOVES to swim. So with the onset of warm temperatures, we've been taking Acadia swimming at various swimming holes and beaches throughout central Maryland and exploring some of nature's best swimming "pools."

Swim Spa: Acadia swims against the current

Sled dog, Acadia, splashing in the Gunpowder River

If all of this swimming looks like fun, why not join us for our upcoming Canicross hike on June 20th which includes a 5.1 mile hike and then some post hike relaxation and swimming for you and your dog splish splashing in the Gunpowder River. For more information on our canicross hikes visit our canicross hike schedule and for more information on what is involved in canicrossing visit our website. If you are new to canicross and just want to hike along with your dog, that's fine too! To see photos from our most recent canicross hike at Catoctin Mountain Park visit our blog. Email to register for an Upcoming Canicross Hike.

Acadia prepares to dive in

I wonder what is over here?

Is it time to get out already?