Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Acadia!


Today we celebrate the birthday of our youngest sled dog, Acadia, as she turns one year old today. Acadia was born one year ago today to Northome's Isabel, CGC, RN, SD (Belle) and CAN CH. Sequoia's The Memory Remains, CGC, TT, AM/CAN CD, RN, WPD, SD (Orion) at Kiana Siberians in Sanbornton, New Hampshire (Acadia Pedigree).

Here I come, ready or not!

Acadia on Mt. Desert Island, Maine with Okemo and Eric

Acadia at 4 weeks (photo credit: Corina Alexander)

Time to go out!

Over the past season, as Acadia has matured and begun running with the team, she has showed great potential as a hard pulling, hard driving, lead dog in training. Acadia has a strong desire to please and is quite sensitive (sometimes to the point of being a drama queen). Since turning approximately 8 months old, Acadia has spent countless hours being trained to lead our sled dog team. Usually she is partnered next to veteran lead dog and Alaskan Husky, Zoe or partnered next to experienced but not always focused "silly" Sobo. Although as we have trained Acadia in lead, we also have learned that Sobo really does know his stuff and isn't quite as silly as we originally thought. Since joining the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures sled dogs, Acadia has appeared at schools, met well over 1000 school children, taught girl scouts and boy scouts about dog sledding, provided rides to many people, and been harnessed by hundreds of pairs of little (and not so little) hands. The dog who was exceedingly timid when we adopted her rapidly came out of her shell. She now embraces all new experiences from delivering Santa via dog team for the local mall to helping teach children about sled dogs, dog sledding and Iditarod.

Acadia skijoring in Canada

Okemo canicrossing and Acadia hiking Mt. Abraham in Vermont

Leading the team with Zoe in Canada

Acadia in lead next to Zoe

I love to dig! (Acadia at 8 weeks)

Acadia in lead next to Sobo

Of course I have something to say about it!

As we approach summer here at Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC, Acadia has been spayed (consistent with our aggressive spay-neuter program), is currently being trained to our fence system so that she can safely run free with the other dogs in the dog yard, and is taking lots of long naps. She is also looking forward to lots of fun at our Canicross Club Hikes scheduled throughout the summer. Stay tuned for additional details on Acadia's upcoming adventures throughout the summer and into the fall. Until then, we wish Acadia a very Happy Birthday!

Acadia celebrating Christmas 2008