Monday, June 29, 2009

Photography: Sled Dogs at Play

Soft evening light plays over sled dog, Acadia

On evenings when the light is good, sled dog dad and team Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC photographer, Eric, sometimes spends the evenings outdoors in the garden photographing the sled dogs at rest and at play. Not only is Eric the team photographer and the photographer responsible for nearly all of the photos on the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures website, Eric's photography has been featured in many publications including among others Baltimore Dog magazine, Urbanite magazine, Solutions at Home magazine, the Baltimore Sun's Mutts Blog, Maryland Family magazine, and Stewards (the alumni magazine for the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and the Environment) (Catherine is an alum). In addition to being featured in many publications, Eric is also a wedding photographer specializing in weddings with dogs. For more information on Eric's wedding photography and for samples of his photos, email

"I am pretty, aren't I," asks sled dog, Sobo

Sled dog, Acadia, rolling in the freshly mowed grass

Ah choo!

Zoe pokes her head under my arm

Interesting light in the trees

T-Bone hangs out on the back steps

Sled dog Acadia playing with her ball

The flash illuminates, Siberian Husky, Sobo