Friday, October 22, 2010

Introducing: Sammamish

Kiana's Sammamish!

Introducing the newest member of the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC team: Sammamish!

We'll be calling him Sam or Sammi for short. Technically, he'll be Kiana's Sammamish. Sammi is from Kiana Siberians in Sanbornton, NH. Scott and Corina also bred our little lead dog, Acadia. Sammi is an AKC registered, red and white, blue eyed Siberian Husky. His sire is CH Alkasiber's Tres Pete ("Tres") and his dam is CAN CH Kiana's Khocolate Kiss, CGC, TT, WPD, WLD, RA, SDO ("Valeska"). Sammamish is currently eight weeks old and will be attending many of the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC dog sledding programs, tours, and rides. We are very excited to have Sammi join our family.

Sammi's first Facebook post

I really can't do anything without my morning cup of coffee!

Acadia, Sammamish and Sobo

Sammamish: Look into my eyes...

Where did the name Smmamish come from you might ask? Sammamish is the name of a lake in Washington where I was raised. There are views of Lake Sammaish from nearly all of the windows in my parents' home. Sammamish is a Native American name, but it does not, contrary to some published reports (including Money Magazine), mean “hunter people.” According to the Sammamish Heritage Society, the name Sammamish is derived from samma, meaning “the sound of the blue crane” and mish, meaning “river.” And boy can this pup make some noise! We'll just call him Screamin' Sammi for short right now.

Sammamish tries to help with the laundry

Retired lead dog, Zoe, also helped with the laundry. She ever so helpfully stole socks and hid them.

Sammi somehow got sorted in with the whites even though he is really a dark, red that is.

Aren't I just the cutest?

Stay tuned for lots of updates on little Sammi and his antics as he grows and develops into a wonderful sled dog.