Monday, August 30, 2010

First Run of the Season

Dog scootering with a three dog team: Sobo and Acadia in lead, Okemo in wheel

Saturday morning was cool enough for a very light run with the sled dogs and some (heavier) musher socialization. Since here at Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC we are frequently running dog sledding programs on the weekends later in the season, we took this opportunity to get together with several local mushers we have not seen for quite awhile. This was also a good opportunity to try out the new dog truck.

New dog truck

Close up of the new dog boxes

Run details: About one mile, Patsy's trail, haw (left) at the road and back around to the North Appleton lot; 3 dogs on the Pawtrekker dog scooter. Acadia and Sobo in lead with Okemo in wheel.

Run location: Fair Hill, Maryland

Notes: Warm, sunny and dry conditions (temps were 55 degrees when we arrived); large group of high school students running sprints right out of the parking lot (dogs did excellent at on-bying and were not phased by the announcer with the PA system). The dogs did not want to on by Eric and Zoe who were along the trail taking photos. Three dog scooter team = scary dog scooter run. Thankfully, I did not wipe out but there were some very close calls and the brakes were pretty much locked up for most of the run.

We didn't get many photos but here are a few that Eric did manage to capture. Note: Eric was standing well off the trail since he had Zoe out for a walk which is why the teams appear very small in most of these photos.

Setting up

Setting up

Chris and Jessica Bannister's (Xtreme weather) dog truck

Chris and Jessica coming back with a seven dog team

Chris Jacobs and Sonic bikejoring

Reggie Brown coming back with a four dog team. Note the dog in team has never run in harness before and has only been with Reggie for three days. He's looking for a good home for him if anyone is interested. He's a lovely, one year old, registered red and white, intact (for now at least) male.