Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Five Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!

Today, Eric and I have been married for five years. Three of the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures sled dogs (Zoe, T-Bone and Sobo) were participants in our wedding on the Eastern Shore of Maryland five years ago. Since the wedding, we've added Okemo and Acadia. During the past five years we've done a lot both together and individually: I left the practice of law at DLA Piper; we started our own business, Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC; Eric made tenure and was promoted to Associate Professor at the University of Delaware; we almost moved to Minnesota; and we purchased a cabin in Maine. What's next? Who knows, but as long as I have my "sweetie," I know we will make it through it. I love you sweetie.

On the dock right before our wedding

T-Bone was the honorary best man

Sobo thought my bouquet might be tasty

The three dogs that were in the wedding: T-Bone, Zoe and Sobo

Eric with T-Bone, Okemo, Sobo, and Zoe in Lubec, Maine (August 08)

The team in January 2005

Okemo was adopted in February 2006

Okemo hides in the grass after a swim

Acadia joined the family in August 2008

Acadia December 2009

The team in February 2010

The team in Farmington, Maine (February 2010)

Eric in June 2005 at our wedding

Eric (February 2010) traded in his tux for Carhartts and a Trans Alaska parka

The cabin (December 2009)