Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day lilies and Garden Update

Blooming Day Lily

Last year, Eric and I visited the Free State Day lily bloom show and sale (with Maryland Sled Dog Adventures sled dog, Sobo) at Cylburn Arboretum and picked up several day lily plants. While we've had many day lilies in the past, we've had a very difficult time keeping them safe from the deer and rabbits. As in year's past, we lost some buds to the deer and rabbits but this year, for the first time, we have blooms! Most of the blooms are on plants we planted last summer from the sale. So before the deer, bunnies or Okemo could eat the buds or flowers, I decided I had better snap a few photos. Of course, I couldn't just take one photo and snapping a few quick photos of the day lilies quickly became a full garden update.

This is the stage they are tastiest for the deer and rabbits

In nearly 8 years, these day lilies near our mail box have only bloomed once. Every other year the deer and rabbits have eaten them before they could bloom. This year was no different.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Lace cap hydrangea

The stepping stone are being over grown by hostas and hydrangeas

The raspberry plants are flourishing

The window boxes on the back terrace are filling in nicely