Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dog Sledding in Maine

Returning to the trail head after 14 miles of hills (Acadia, Lumos in lead, Peeps and Weld in team, and Okemo and Sobo in wheel)

Our second to last day in Maine, we hit the trails with several fellow mushers, Maggie (Bray Hill Siberians), Kasey and Carol (Fort Illio Kennels), and Ray, and Sue (Late Start Kennels) in central Maine, about 30 minutes north of the cabin.

Teams went out ranging in size from 12 dogs to 4 dogs. I ran three Bray Hill Siberians together with three of the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures sled dogs for approximately 14 miles. With all the hills, we were happy to have the extra dog power.

Below are photos of all of the doggy adventures. (Kasey and Ray were gone so fast with both of their 10-12 dog teams that we didn't get a single photo of them).

Dog trucks all lined up

Maggie and Bray Hill Siberians coming in with the first of two teams

Sue returning to the trail head

Carol returning to the trail head