Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dog Powered Sports Clinic: October 17, 2009

Dog Scootering with one dog

Does your dog love to run? Does your dog love to pull? Do you have a high energy dog, medium size (30 lbs) or larger dog? Are you looking for a way to exercise with your dog? Tire your dog out? Are walks around the block just not cutting it? Have you always wanted to try dog sledding with your dog?

If so, consider coming to Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC's Dog Powered Sports clinic. This clinic will focus on training you and your dog for dog powered sports that are suitable for one to three dog teams including dog scootering, bikejoring, skijoring, and canicross. Not sure what these new and exciting sports are? Read on!

The clinic will be held on October 17, 2009 on the Northern Central Rail trail in northern Baltimore County. Cost is $100 per person. Limit one dog per person, please. Space is limited. Contact to register or for more details.

Pawtrekker dog scooter

What are dog scootering, bikejoring, skijoring, and canicross?

Dog Scootering: Dog scootering is scootering while one to three dogs pull you while you ride on a non motorized scooter. It is similar to mushing and dog sledding but is done in when there is no snow on the ground (perfect for Maryland), usually with fewer dogs. Your dog must learn basic dog sledding commands including, "gee," "haw," "on by," and "line out."

Dog Scootering with two dogs

Dog scootering in a race with two dogs

Dog scootering

Bikejoring: Bikejoring (literally meaning bike driving) is biking while being pulled by a dog. Bikejoring can be done with one to three dogs and is a shared adventure between you and your dogs. Bikejoring allows you to go further (and faster) than might otherwise go by yourself and is great way to get out and explore new trails while exercising you and your dog.

Bikejoring with one dog

Bikejoring with one dog

Skijoring: Skijoring is cross country skiing while a dog pulls you. It is an exhilarating and fast growing winter sport which combines dog sledding and cross country skiing. Literally meaning ski driving in Norwegian, skijoring allows a dog and owner to exercise together while enjoying the outdoors.

Skijoring with two dogs

Skijoring with one dog

Canicross: Canicross is cross country running or hiking while a dog pulls you. It's more than just jogging with your dog on leash and it requires, as all dog powered sports do, that your dog understand basic commands, including "gee," haw," "on by," and "line out." Canicross is an excellent way to get out and explore new trails with your canine companion.

Canicross Hiking

Canicross hiking with Zoe