Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Camp Out at Green Ridge State Forest

Man, all this camping stuff is exhausting thinks T-Bone

Eric and I along with all of the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures sled dogs and our friend and fellow musher, Katie and her Siberian, Sadie spent the past Labor Day weekend camping at Green Ridge State Forest in western Maryland. While the weather was dry and gorgeous with highs in the upper 70s to low 80s and lows in the low 50s to upper 40s (perfect), it was disappointing to find that all of the streams, rivers and creeks we so enjoyed swimming in last time we camped at Green Ridge had completely dried up. Most of the weekend was spent "talking dogs" and relaxing with a couple of short bikejor runs and hikes mixed in to exercise the dogs and people.

The "Taj Mahal" of tents (aka Casa Benson)

Katie's tent attached to the back of her Element

Acadia, Sobo and Okemo hanging out on their drop lines

Weenie roast

Sadie hides out

Camp fire

T-Bone hangs out in the kitchen

Hanging out around the camp fire

Sleeping Sobo

Talkin' dogs and cameras