Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Pursuits

Apples Galore!

The first official day of Fall is tomorrow and fall pursuits are in full swing here at Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC.

Last weekend the temperatures cooperated and we had our first training run of the season. We ran a four dog team of Acadia, Sobo, Okemo and Sammi approximately 3.5 miles. Since there was plenty of trail traffic we had lots of opportunities for passing bicyclists, joggers, walkers, and leashed dogs. Acadia and Sobo started the run in lead with Sammamish and Okemo in wheel. About a 1/2 mile out from the station, I decided to try Sammi in lead. He was amazing. Very steady and very focused for a yearling. He also LOVES to run. I caught him jumping in the air with all four feet WAY off the ground during several of our brief stops on the trail.

First run of the 2011-12 dog sledding season: Acadia and Sammi in lead with Okemo and Sobo in wheel

Scouting Report: One exciting prospect, Sammamish (aka Sammi)

This weekend, we're heading to Pennsylvania with a few musher friends to pick up our visiting sled dogs, Gypsy and Luke. Gypsy and Luke will be residing with Eric, Ethan, the sled dogs, and I during the running season (approximately through early April). They joined us last season and we are eager to see them again.

In other news of fall pursuits, my sister, Jenny, was in town from Seattle this past weekend and Eric, Ethan, Jenny and I headed up to Pennsylvania to pick apples. Picking apples is pretty much a rite of fall here at Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC. Already those two huge baskets of apples have generated two apple crisps, one puffy apple pancake, and apple muffins, along with countless lunch time snacks.

Eric, Jenny and Acadia picking apples in Pennsylvania

Stayed tuned as we get underway with more fall training and tons of fun fall pursuits.