Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Maryland SPCA's Walk for the Animals

"Come on everyone," says Acadia. "It's time to walk for the animals."

On Sunday morning, Eric and I along with two of the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures sled dogs, Acadia and Sobo, headed out to Druid Hill Park to the Maryland SPCA's Walk for the Animals. The weather was a nice and cool 40 degrees (perfect walking weather for sled dogs) and sunny. Of course, all of the Chihuahuas were cold but Acadia and Sobo were just fine. Some years it has been so warm for the Walk that it's been too hot for our heavily furred Siberians and Siberian mixes. Acadia got to wear a "purty" purple bandanna and both dogs received lots of attention and free goodies.

Druid Hill Park

Awaiting the start

And we're off (Acadia on the left with Sobo on the right)

Acadia leading the way (as you can see 40 degrees was plenty warm for her)

Walking, walking, walking

After all of the attention at the walk, Sobo returned to the dog yard to "supervise" the squirrels

Little Miss Energy Acadia wanted to play ball after returning home