Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dog Sledding in Roland Park

A little afternoon dog sled excursion in the neighborhood

The Maryland Sled Dog Adventures sled dogs and I just returned from a four mile dog sled run straight outta our dog yard courtesy of the Baltimore blizzard of 2009. The dogs worked hard, on byed just about everything we saw including an off leash dog, nailed their gees and haws, and even picked up our mail from our mail carrier at the top of our hill. Now, I know dogs teams were used to deliver mail in Alaska but I'm not sure a dog team has ever been used to carry the mail in Baltimore, Maryland!

Our dog team picking up the mail

Mushing through your own neighborhood certainly gives one a completely different perspective of the neighborhood.

Coming down Poplar Hill Road

The dogs made a perfect "gee" turn onto Bellemore after coming off Winding Way

Dog sledding down Bellemore

Down the steep hill and through the S-curves