Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Canicross Hike at Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland

Left to Right: Acadia, Sobo and Wolfie pull hard down the trail

On Saturday, Maryland Sled Dog Adventures hosted its last canicross hike for the season. The hike was held at Sugarloaf Mountain near Frederick, Maryland. While the skies were gray, the rain drops held off until the afternoon. Temps were cool in the upper 40s when we arrived at the trail head and did not warm up out of the low 60s. Fall has finally arrived in the Mid Atlantic. Our hike followed the five mile route of the Northern Peaks (blue) trail climbing to 1,282 feet at the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain. At the entrance to the trail, we noticed a sign indicating that a black bear and cub has been spotted in the area but alas we did not see any bears. This hike is somewhat unusual in that you reach the summit of the mountain at the very beginning of the hike and then the trail follows a series of ups and downs between peaks ranging in height from approximately 900 ft to 1100 ft.

Along for the hike were Anna and her Siberian Husky, Wolfie, along with Eric and I and sled dogs, Sobo and Acadia, both Siberian Huskies. While Sugarloaf Mountain was our last canicross hike of the 2009 season, we'll resume our canicross hikes in late spring 2010. Stay tuned to the upcoming events section of our website for more information on upcoming hikes for you and your dog.

Wolfie (left) and Sobo (right) demonstrate a nice line out!

Canicrossing down the trail with Wolfie and Anna in lead

Wolfie pulls at a nice steady pace!