Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Can Am Crown Sled Dog Races

Stealing a line from NASCAR: Boogity, Boogity, Boogity! Let's go racing boys

On Saturday, Eric and I spent an enjoyable day watching and helping to handle (musher jargon for assist) for our friends and fellow mushers at the Can Am Crown Sled Dog Races including the 30 mile, 60 mile, and 250 mile races in Fort Kent, Maine.

This was one of the most enjoyable events we've ever attended. Meeting lots of new mushers and seeing many that we already knew was the highlight of the trip. We hope to return to Fort Kent for next year's race.

We wrapped Saturday with a wonderful lasagna dinner at with both Canadian and US mushers at Baisley Lodges in St. Jacques, New Brunswick. Thank you, Gino and Fran!

Below are some great photos that Eric got while at the sled dog races.

Can Am 30 mushers setting up for the race

Rob Cooke hooking up for the Can Am 60

Rob Cooke's team: Come on already, let's go!

Gino Roussel crossing the finish line of the Can Am 30

Gear check at the finish line

Gino Roussel: End of race group hug

Johanne Cloutier finishing the Can Am 30

Scott Alexander finishing the Can Am 30 with his Siberians

Corina Alexander finishing the Can Am 30 with her Siberians including Acadia's Mum, Belle

Lidia's DogTwuk

Gino: I'm ready for next year!

"That was great," says Corina Alexander

Good pups (Oumak and JR): Kisses all around