Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yappy Hour Dog Sled Ride

Hmm....I wonder how this goes on?

While the rest of the country chose a new President, Claudia and her dad visited the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures LLC team on Election Day for a fun and exciting Yappy Hour Dryland Dog Sled Ride.

Heading down the trail....

During the dog sledding program, Claudia learned all about sled dogs, dog sledding harnesses including how to harness the dogs, what the dogs eat, the positions on a dog team, and the commands we use in dog sledding. Claudia even helped to give the "hike" command to get the dogs moving. Fresh off a long weekend of training in central Pennsylvania, the dogs were ready to pull and run.

It's Election Day: Vote for Me, says sled puppy, Acadia

The fall colors were gorgeous (Claudia's leaf fairies had been very busy)

Learning how to harness lead dog, Sobo.

Harnessing up wheel dog, Okemo.

Ok, I'm ready to go!

Checking out the water fall along the trail

I'm ready to drive!