Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sled Dogs Meet Girl Scouts; Girl Scouts Meet Sled Dogs

These girl scouts got to feed sled puppy, Acadia.

The first Girl Scout troops of the dog sledding season came out to work on their dog sledding badge with the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures team this past weekend. To earn their dog sledding patch, the girl scouts learned how to harness the dogs, learned about the positions on a dog sled team, the commands used in dog sledding, how put booties on the dogs, learned all about dog sledding equipment, and got to go for a dog sled ride with the entire team.

It was a misty morning when these scouts from Falls Church, Virginia arrived in Maryland to learn about dog sledding

During these programs, we met Brownie Girl Scouts from Mt. Airy, Maryland and Brownie, Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts from Falls Church, Virginia. All of the troops are part of Girl Scouts of the Nation's Capital. Maryland Sled Dog Adventures is pleased to be an approved high adventure vendor with Girl Scouts of the Nation's Capital. For more information on the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures dog sledding patch program for girl scouts and boy scouts, visit the tours page of our website.

"Had to put me next to Okemo, didn't you?" thinks T-Bone

The scouts learned all about dog sledding equipment

"So many girl scouts, so little time," thinks sled dog, Zoe

"Is red my color?" thinks sled puppy, Acadia.

"So how do I look?" asks this girl scout.

Each girl scout got to go for a dryland dog sled ride.

I'm ready to go...

Dryland dog sled rides are fun!

Meet and greet with the sled dogs.

These Brownie Girl Scouts practiced being "lead dogs."

The sled dogs are coming!

The newest girl scout uniform accessory, an x-back harness!

This Brownie Girl Scout pets lead dog, Zoe.

"She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes..."

"Pet me, I'm pretty," says sled dog, Sobo.

If only the kids were as tired as the dogs...

To see additional photos from these dog sledding programs along with past girl scout and boy scout dog sledding programs visit our Gallery. The girls seemed to enjoy meeting and working with the dogs and the dogs really enjoyed meeting the girls.