Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Month of Adventures (Week One): Sled Dogs and Blackberries

Blackberries. Yum!

So on this, our fourth day of vacation, Eric and I and the four legged members of the Maryland Sled Dog Adventures team, decided to hang close to the house in Lincoln, Vermont.

We began the morning with a light breakfast of biscuits and apple butter. Eric made the biscuits and the crab apple butter was made from the tree in our front yard at home in Baltimore and brought along. Eric's biscuits were light, fluffy and delish! Yum!

After breakfast, Eric and I watched several big thundershowers move through the area. The views from up here, even in inclement weather, are absolutely amazing. When the rain began to let up at about 11:00 am, we decided to take Acadia and Zoe and head into Bristol for some lunch. After a short walk around the Bristol town green with the pups, Eric and I lunched at the Snap restaurant.

Returning back to the house a short time later we took a brief hike with the dogs between thundershowers. As the rains threatened to move in (although they never did), we decided it was time to turn back. After arriving back at the house with no more than about five rain drops having fallen, it was on to blackberry picking. For the past several days, Eric has been scouting the property for good blackberry patches with ripe blackberries.

The meadows surrounding the house

Eric did most of the picking but as you can see from the photos the pups "helped" especially Okemo who has developed quite a taste for blackberries.

Okemo "helps" pick blackberries

Why ever would I want to eat blackberries wonders Sobo?

Eric picking blackberries

Acadia and Eric showing off the "fruits of their labor."

Acadia and Eric

While Eric picked blackberries, I photographed some of the wildflowers in the meadows around the house and watched a new set of storm clouds move in. Shortly after the picking was done, a severe thundershower moved through.

Black Eyed Susan (The Maryland State Flower)


Joe-pye weed with a Bumble Bee


Mountains ringed in clouds

Storm clouds movin' in...

"And the thunder rolls..."

After dinner, I took the blackberries Eric had picked and made them into a yummy cinnamon blackberry cobbler using a recipe from epicurious.

Blackberry cobbler

Eating blackberries is exhausting for sled pet, Okemo